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Bridal and Special Occasion Price List
Wedding Gowns
Satin-Dress only from bottom $90;  Satin-Dress+attached underskirt $125;  Each add’l underskirt $55;
From waist $200 & up;  Organza/Chiffon layer $90 & up;  Tulle overlay $75 each layer; Hem lace layer $250 & up
Sleeves $60 & up; Sleeves from shoulders $75 & up, Remove/Reattach lace $125 & up, Hem embellishments extra
In/Out/Reshape $200 & up
1 pt--$35    3 pts--$65    5 pts--$95     7 pts--$125    Cathedral trains--$250
Take in/Let out sides $90 & up;   Take in/Let out cup size $250& up;   W/embellishments +$45 & up;
Straps-Shorten/Add $55;  Take up Halter $45;  Take up Shoulders $75;  W/Embellishment +$60 & up
Add Basic Insert/Sides $80;  Remove/Reattach lace +$45 &
Add Corset Back $250 
Custom Wedding Gowns
We can make any wedding gown of your choice. Our prices start at $2800 and go up depending on your style, the embellishments and the time frame we have to make it. Call for an appointment.
Written Estimates
This is a WRITTEN estimate for all the alterations to make your wedding gown fit like it was made for you. Your gown will be pinned for the fitting so you can get a good feel for how it will fit when completed, however, pins will be removed at the end of the fitting. 
Cost for estimate is applied to alterations total when gown is brought back for alterations to be completed. All questions are answered and suggestions given.  Appointment usually takes 30 minutes $45
Formal Gowns
Hem outer skirt + 1 Lining $80;  Each Lining $20;  Add'l outer layer $20+;  Extra Full Outer layer add'l $20;
Chiffon Layer + 1 Linings $80 & up; Extra Full Chiffon Layer + 2 Linings  $120 & up;  Mushroom Hem $40
Hem sleeves from bottom $35;  Lined $55;  Hem sleeves from shoulder $65
Sides In/Out
Take in Bodice $70; Take in Bodice Front into Back $85;  Take in Bodice w/seams $80; Take in Bodice with Halter $45 & up;  Take in Bodice-Hips $75; Take in Bodice front into back-Hips $60;  Take in Bodice-Hips w/seams $55
Back Center seams $30;  Take in/Let out cup $75; Embellishments over seam +$40 
Add corset back $190 & up
Straps: Up/Down/Add $45
Take up Halter strap $65 & up
Sleeveless Shoulders In/Out $65
Shoulders w/embellishment +$90 & up

Hems: Pants Work, Sports, Leggings or Jeans $17-28 Skirts $45-80
children clothes alterations are about 50% 75%  price of the items above.